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Engine Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics

Is your Engine Management, airbag, or ABS warning light illuminated? Do you have engine flat spots or misfires? Has your car failed an emission test ? Are you experiencing starting problems ? Are there any other electrical problems?

Approved Diagnostic Centre Trained and Experienced Technicians Specialised Facilities.

Safety checks help your car to stay 'healthy' between services by targeting the main causes of breakdowns. We can perform a variety of diagnostic, electrical and repair services to keep your car running at peak performance and maximum efficiency.

MOT and repair specialist - Dungloe Car Breakers.

Servicing and Mechanical Repairs

We perform general maintenance as well as complete mechanical repairs. We use the latest and most advanced equipment found in the industry to date. Our current labour rate is at a very competitive. We can educate you the customer by letting you know what you are paying for, why, and by doing so makes for a better relationship.

Safety and reliability is what one should be mainly concerned with. We are here to serve all your automotive needs large or small.

Earning your trust is one of our primary goals, remember, cars aren't perfect, even when new. As a vehicle gets older some items may not function as well, may begin to leak a bit, and just not be the same.

Full Service (engine and brakes) We replace and repair all mechanical components including: Gear Box Repair and Replacement, Clutch replacement, Wheel Bearing replacement, Steering Rack replacement, Suspension and much more.... All engine components from spark plugs to a full engine re-build is also available.

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